June 2018 Agenda

Jun 17, 2018

Avon spritesheet, Vanset Isle map and mobile controller.

Pretty straightforward, in what's left of June 2018, I hope to get three things accomplished:

  1. Avon spritesheet #1
  2. Vanset Isle Map
  3. Mobile controller

Avon spritesheet #1

The first complete spritesheet for Avon will include a walk cycle, jump / fall, idle, and a push animation. This version will depict him without a sword, however he will still have his utility belt. I'll be drawing everything using my Intuos Wacom Tablet, in the free, open source program GIMP.

Vanset Isle Map

This will be the first map of the game. In order to make it, I'll first need to create a tileset of the basic building blocks of Vanset Isle. For this I'll also be using GIMP. After getting a few tiles down (I'll add to the set as I build out the map), I'll be building the map using yet another free & open source program: Tiled.

Mobile controller

Version 0.01 of Avon's Adventure already has working keyboard controls (WSAD), however the mobile controller for touch screens is a bit buggy. I plan on improving it as best as I can, reaching out to fellow developers or going on a Google rampage if I get stuck. The controller and all other code in the game is written in JavaScript, and is built utilizing the fantastic Phaser Framework V3.

Hopefully I can get through these tasks in time, but it's a little hard to say if I will or not, as my job is currently quite demanding. Hopefully! Will check back in at the beginning of July to see how we did :)

- Kirk M. // saricden

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