Avon's Adventure

An open source platformer adventure game

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June 2018 Agenda

Avon spritesheet, Vanset Isle map and mobile controller. Pretty straightforward, in what's left of June 2018, I hope to get...

Vanset Isle

Vanset Isle, Avon's home for 70 years. I decided to draw a picture of Avon's hometown using my Wacom Intuos...

The Blog is Live!

As of June 12, 2018, Avon's Adventure officially has a live blog! It's totally responsive because it's 2018 and people...

About Avon's Adventure

Avon's Adventure is an open-source, free to play game with no ads or any form of monetization. That means you can just have fun and play it, or if you're curious about how it works, you can open it up and play with the source code. The game ships with an official build, which is fairly strict about what can be merged into the branch, and a community build, which you can pretty much change anything as long as it doesn't dramatically break the game or ruin anybody's fun.

Play V0.01 or Play Community Build