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How to Setup Phaser 3 with Webpack 4 and Babel

  • javascript
  • phaserjs

Setting up a modern JavaScript game development environment in 2020 is relatively pain free. And the rewards hugely outweigh the struggles. Stick around, and you'll...

How to Trim Whitespace in JavaScript

  • javascript

Today's micro-tutorial will cover a simple function built into JavaScript to trim whitespace in a string. The function is called... Wait for it... `trim()`. Whitespace...

How to Create Simple Tabs in ReactJS

  • javascript
  • reactjs

Let's learn how to make tabs in React! Simple tabs, no libraries, just plain JSX and JavaScript. Tabs are a great UI element for compartmentalizing...

How to Use Switch Statements in JavaScript

  • javascript

Hello there! Today we're going to be discussing how `switch` statements work in JavaScript. When you would use them, and why. The `switch` statement is...

Drop Caps in CSS

  • css

Hey y'all. In this micro-tutorial we're going to look at a simple method for creating a *drop cap* effect in CSS. You've seen this kind...

Responsive Modals in JavaScript & CSS

  • javascript
  • css

Today we're going to learn how to create custom modals for our web projects. Modals are an excellent tool for your UI/UX toolkit. **Step 1:...

Native Share with JavaScript

  • javascript

Hello again! This tutorial is going to cover how to make a native share dialog, complete with a somewhat graceful fallback for browsers that don't...

Jekyll Spotlight Search

  • javascript
  • jekyllrb

In this tutorial, we'll be looking at how to setup a "spotlight search" using plain ol' JavaScript that integrates with a JekyllRB blog. By *spotlight...

Welcome to Internet Science

  • announcements

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of Internet Science, a web development blog written by yours truly, Kirk M (also known as @saricden). This...

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